Hubungi Kami

Salam Sejahtera & Good Day

Here are those with Entrepreneurs Enthusiasm that you can cantact for UTHM Entrepreneur Club (UEC)

                              THE PRESIDENT of KKDT                 THE PRESIDENT of KOSISWA
                         Abdul Akmal Hakim - 0137190960            Muhammad Adib-0193712369

                              THE VICE PRESIDENT 1                    THE VICE PRESIDENT2
                               Nur Syahira-0199210975                 Muhammad Fazli- 0176405595

                                                                     THOSE IN THE TEAM:
                                                                      Haiqal - 0176138439
                                                                      syafie - 0139407735
                                                                      Syafiqah- 01222742696

we belive, we archive........